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March is here!

We want to apologize for not keeping you up to date on the going-on's at the Farm, but Joe needed surgery for a hiatal hernia which was more involved then anticipated.  He is mending but it's been very distressing the degree of damage that was discovered; but he is doing well and on the way to a full recovery!

We will be at the King George VFW Family Day in May!  We will keep you updated to come out and see us!

We are offering a final taste of summer with a SALE! Spiced Pickled Watermelon Rinds are on sale now!

We also have some new additions to our family!  We have hatched 5 new baby chicks! We are looking to expand our egg laying and move into offering chickens for your eating pleasure!  Remember we only use NON-GMO feed for all our brood.

June is when we harvest honey which we are expecting a large harvest this year!

We now offer Notary Services are our store! Come on by any time and meet the new babies!

This month's Charity is Wounded Warrior!

J&J Farm

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