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Ucuuba Butter, Organic Fair-Trade

Ucuuba Butter, Organic Fair-Trade

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Ucuuba Butter is exceptionally rich in essential fatty acids and can be used to replenish tone and moisture to dry or mature skin.  It is believed to have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, making it useful for relieving scalp conditions such as dandruff and eczema.

Ucuuba butter is ultra-rich in Lauric, Myristic and Palmitic acid - crucial in healthy cell development, regulation of the immune system and maintenance of healthy skin and hair; Ucuuba Butter is exceptionally rich in essential fatty acids and can be used to replenish tone and moisture to dry or mature skin and said to have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties and in Brazil is used for treating acne, eczema and dry or irritated skin. It is used to treat rheumatism, arthritis, colic, ulcers, and hemorrhoids.

A bit on the history:

Ucuuba, from the nutmeg family, is a native tree of the floodplains found throughout the Amazonian region, extending to the states of Maranhão and Pernambuco. The indigenous name of the tree means grease (ucu) and tree (yba). This species prefers flooded regions and reaches a height of 25 to 35 m. A mature tree can produce between 30 to 50 kg of seeds per year. The seeds are rich in fats (60%–70%) and extracts of oil/tallow can reach 50% per kilograms of seeds (dry weight). A plantation with 150 trees per hectare can yield up to 7 tons of seeds per year, which can be processed into 3500 kilos of fat per hectare. Trees can grow 3m over the course of two years.

The seeds are sun-dried for several months, the resulting butter is brown to yellow in color, and soft but dry in consistency. This butter has less moisture content, the texture is harder/somewhat brittle with darker color, with a more pungent scent of nutmeg which gives this butter a magnificent earthy scent and color.  Depending on the level of dryness of the seeds, the soil mineral content of the forest vegetation the ucuuba trees are found and the seeds are collected, the butter will have medium to great variation on color, texture, and scent. 

This is a hard butter that needs to be blended with a softer butter or oils to facilitate application.

Great butter for soap making.

Can be used as a vegan substitute for beeswax because of its hardness.

As with any product, if you have a reaction; discontinue to use.

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ALL of our ingredients are RAW/UNREFINED/UNPROCESSED, which means they have their particular scents, textures and colors. If you are not familiar with the UNREFINED ingredients, please use discernment. Due to the nature of the products, returns/exchanges are NOT accepted for the above mentioned reasons.

The product may be subject to variation in color, viscosity, smell and other factors depending on the harvesting and local temperature.

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