Tattoo Balm

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Want a tattoo care that will not break your wallet? Protects your skin while promoting healing.  Allows the skin to heal and seal your artwork without scabbing, irritation, swelling, skin pulling or scaring that has been known to happen and ruining your brand new ink. 

Here is an article explaining why it's so important to protect your ink!!!

Man dies from swimming days after getting tattoo

I kept hearing people say they were told to put Vaseline on their new ART.  NEVER!  It is a PETROLEUM product and NOT for human consumption, so why would you rub it on yourself!?!

All the Organic Oils are chosen for their effective anti-scaring properties to include Avocado, Apricot Kernel, Argan, Emu, Rice Bran, Hemp, Tallow, Wheat Germ.

The herbs are specifically designed for soothing and healing benefits; the 10 Proprietary Blend of Herbs includes Arnica, Calendula, Hop, Pau D’Arco.

Aloe Butter, Vitamin E and Myrrh are for their regeneration and healing abilities. Grapefruit essential oil is added for its antioxidant and scar healing ability.

Apply a thin layer to skin as a protectant and to promote natural healing. 
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