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Palo Santo Sticks

Palo Santo Sticks

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We've had so many people ask about diffusers and incense we've decided to offer just the resins and herbs for purification, meditation and spirituality.  We have searched for the purest forms

All our smudges are sustainably and ethically harvested. The smudges average 4"-5"

I found this on Pinterest that may help if you're unsure what you need or are looking for:

Smudge and their use


Calming, comforting, purifies, protects, grounding

Desert Sage

Cleansing, ward off bad feelings and influences

Dragon Blood

Enhances smudges potency


Mental clarity, fatigue, blood flow, respiratory conditions


Mental focus, spiritual uplifting, strength


Centering, clarity, cleansing, focus


Refreshing, communications, channeling, clarity, focus


Cleansing, renewal, strengthening


Enlightenment, healing, grounding

Palo Santo

Ritual prayer, deep healing, calming, brighten energy, stress


Antidepressant, reduces insomnia, harmonize, sensuality, protection


Purifying, wards off nightmares, emotionally uplifting


Cleansing, balance, banish negativity, strengthening


Call for ancestral and spiritual helpers, ancient wisdom

Yerba Santa

Protection, purification, respiratory conditions

 A bit of History: Native Americans started the tradition of using Sacred Sage to ward off evil spirits and negative energies, and white sage has been used in ceremonies to seek blessings of health and prosperity, banish spirits, and encourage protection. Sage Smudging is a ritual where the leaves of the Sage plant are burned, and the smoke is directed into and onto areas that are in need of clearing and protection.

The idea is that as the leaves are burned, and you speak express your gratitude for its assistance, the spirit of the sage plant releases its energy of protection and clearing into the space or onto the object that needs clearing. As the smoke moves through the room or over a surface, the smoke attaches itself to any heavy, negative energy that is within the space, object or being. As the smoke clears, the spirit of White Sage carries with it the negative energy that was once attached, back up to the Spiritual Light. This heavy energy then becomes released, so that it may regenerate into something positive. You can perform this smudging ritual on anything or anyone that needs a clearing.

Palo Santo Sticks - Sustainably harvested aromatic wood used by the Incas and other cultures as a spiritual remedy. It has been valued for its therapeutic properties for centuries. The translation of Palo Santo from Spanish is holy wood. It is harvested from an indigenous tree in arid areas of South America. The tree belongs to the same family as myrrh and frankincense, which are classified as Burseraceae. Palo Santo is highly regulated in Peru; ours in harvest from limbs and branches that have fallen to the forest floor.  It is as endangered and regulated as Sandalwood in India; it is replanted through percentage of sale price to help with strip mining to help protect this beneficial tree.  Set of 4 or 1" stick

Traditionally the sweet-smelling aroma of the Palo Santo sacred wood is believed to eliminates stagnant or negative energies and purifies the space, bringing uplifting positive energies, higher vibrations, and good luck. The soothing aroma of the smoke is often used to give your house a sweet-smelling aroma and feel. Some people harness the power of Palo Santo wood for homeopathic purposes. It has been attributed to having the capability of assisting in the healing of colds, arthritis, and asthma among other diseases.

Smudging in the Seven Directions & Prayers

  • Facing East - I welcome the energy of the beginning way, the rising sun at the beginning of the day and the light of illumination. Welcome Eagle, flying nearest the heavens, with the clearest of vision. I welcome the energies and spirits of the East. HO!
  • Facing South - I welcome the energy of service to all my relatives, the heat of the noonday sun and the spirit of action in the world. Welcome Coyote spirit. I welcome the energies and spirits of the South. HO!
  • Facing West - I welcome the energy of looking within to find the gifts of healing. Welcome Bear spirit going deep within to seek the gift of renewal. I welcome the energies and spirits of the West. HO!
  • Facing North - I welcome the energy of wisdom and blessing and the Grandmothers and Grandfathers who teach me. Welcome Buffalo and the spirit of giveaway, teach me to be generous and honor all that I receive. I welcome the energies and spirits of the North. HO!
  • Looking up - I welcome the energy and spirit of Above. Father Sky, Star people, and Cloud people. Welcome all that is masculine, grandfathers, fathers, brothers, uncles and sons. And that masculine energy that also exists within the feminine. I welcome the energies and spirits of Father Sky. HO!
  • Looking down (touching the ground) - I welcome the energy of Mother Earth, the feminine principle, the energy and spirit of Below. I welcome the energy and the spirit of our grandmothers, our mothers, sisters, aunties and daughters. And that feminine energy that exists within the Masculine. I welcome the energies and spirits of Mother Earth. HO!
  • Looking within (holding your hands over your heart) - I welcome the energy of Within, the principle of being connected, the energy and spirit of Within. I welcome the gifts of balance, oneness, and the connection with all things, for all things are one and all things are related. HO!


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