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Hop Soap

Hop Soap

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Wonderful gift for the craft beer lover in your life! A moisturising unscented soap!

Hops is used in some anti-aging skin formulas so this soap is dedicated to the benefits of this health-giving plant in skin care.  Hops flowers or seed cones are a cultivated crop use to give flavor and stability to beer.  They impart a bitter, citrus or tangy flavor depending on the plant variety.  Here are some compelling reasons to use hops for skin care:

If you drink beer, you surely have noticed the sedative and relaxing effects that hops has. Because of its’ phytoestrogens, this plant has been thought to help ease menopausal symptoms and some digestive issues.

Hops has powerful anti-inflammatory qualities for the skin that can reduce scarring. Salves are used in medicine as wraps applied to the skin to heal leg ulcers.

Hops extract have anti-bacterial benefits that researcher have discovered have been able to inhibited five different bacteria that cause acne. The oils and minerals in the plant provide anti-inflammatory effect to the skin and is used to decrease the surface blood vessels. That’s good news for folks with oily or sweaty summer skin.

Hops extract for skin contains xanthohumol, which has been found to inhibit the enzymes in the skin known to cause skin aging. These enzymes break down collagen and elastin fibers in the skin, but when xanthohumol decrease the enzymes, the collagen and elastin levels go up and this can improve skin structure overall.

Hop is a good source of anti-oxidant, which means that it helps the body fight against free radicals, giving the skin a radiant and youthful glow.


Hop soap contains Citra and Cascade Hop.  I use beer, hop water, hop oil and hops IN my soap.  I infuse olive oil, palm, castor, sunflower and coconut oil with the hops for several weeks before processing.

The hops give a slight exfoliation to the soap which is wonderful for cleansing.  I use spinach for the stunning green color.

As with any new product always test for a potential allergic reaction.


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