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Honey, Raw, Natural

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This is pure raw unfiltered honey from the members of the Gateway Beekeepers Association in King George Virginia. We do NOT buy honey a slap our label on it. We offer the jars in our store to help local beekeepers who have healthy hives and bee populations. we are a co-op of farmers and beekeepers keeping the art of apiary alive and well in Virginia.

King George is ruled rural and is mostly farms with corn, oats, beans, peas, pine, walnut, autumn olive, honeysuckle, lots of fruit trees and bushes, and many other lovely spring flowers. Our honey truly raw. We never heat our honey to keep it full of the beneficial pollen to help with your allergies. During extraction the honey is filtered once to remove the bee bits that happen during the honey process.

Due to the expansiveness of King George we have several major parks including close to the Birthplace and Boyhood Homes of George Washington, we have lots of forests so we offer TWO different types of honey.

1) Clear honey which is from open fields and farmland
2) Amber or darker honey from close to the woods and it's amazing diverse flora that makes Virginia a Commonwealth for Lovers.

They both offer uniqueness to your dishes or just a spoonful a day that I use.  We will add OUR honey as soon as we harvest in the next week.

The glass jars are 16oz of honey, but honey is heavier then water so the weight is based on a packaged box ready to ship.

If you order JUST the dipper, you will be refunded the difference in shipping as it's based on the glass jar.  My reviews are proof we help our customers in these trying times.

WARNING! DO NOT give honey to any child UNDER one year old.  


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