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Cambrian Blue Clay

Cambrian Blue Clay

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Cambrian Blue Clay is the rarest and most ancient of all clay's with deposits beginning in the earliest Paleozoic, about 542 million years ago; it is imported from the salt lakes of coastal Crimean clay in Siberia.  It is not really "blue" it's it is more of a grayish silver due to the silver and mineral composition.  Most pictures on the internet are drastically changed, one person I discovered would use additives to color their clay!

It contains iron, silicon, algae, cobalt, cadmium, silver ions, phosphorus, copper, iodine, sulfur and other micro-elements important for the human body in fairly large quantities It is prized for its anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and blemish fighting properties; It has an incredible ability to tighten and strengthen skin elasticity and tensile strength. This has been considered one of the most "aggressive" clay's because it pulls the greatest amounts of toxins from pores and hair follicles.  Yet it is gentile enough to use on most all skin types.   


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