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Aromatherapy Superhero Car Diffuser

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We're proud to bring you our favorite Comic Book Heo Logos in Car Diffusers:

Batman comes with 3 Felts (Black & Gold and Asst)
Green Lantern comes with Green, Black & White Felts
Punisher comes with Black, Grey and White Felts
Superman comes with Blue, Gold and Red Felts
Wonder Woman comes with Blue, Gold and Red Felts

They are Stainless Steel. They have a strong magnetic closure, tarnish and corrosion resistant and rubber coated stainless steel clip protect your car vent from scratches. There are holes at the back of the diffuser which allows to air flow through the diffuser to the felt pad and broadcast the aroma.

To use, open the top of the diffuser and drop a few drops of your favorite essential oil or your favorite fragrance or perfume or cologne onto the felt pad. I have Wonder Woman in my car!

Essential oils are best because of their therapeutic properties, they can elevate your mood, promote mental clarity, and restores harmony and balance.

Package include 1 stainless steel diffuser locket and 3 felt pads.

30mm outside, 22.5mm inner, fit for 22.5mm pads

If you need extra Felt Pads you can order in set of 5 or 10. If you only want ONE color email on your order!

We offer the Diffusers alone or with any one of the $3.99 essential oils (it comes to $1 off the set!). Just email the scent you want; Lavender Essential Oil will automatically be sent if you don't choose.


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