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100% Pure Vanilla Extract

100% Pure Vanilla Extract

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Our Vanilla Extracts are 100% pure using only the best grade “A” organic vanilla beans from Tahiti We only use Jim Beam Bourbon because of it's rich full-bodied flavor enhances the beans.

We steep our beans for at least 1year if not longer. The longer it sits the better. Things start to get good after 10-11 months, and it will continue to mature well after that. (As it ages, you may even notice it becoming slightly syrupy — this is when things start to get really good!) We do offer 2 year bottles also.  When each bottle is made, it is sealed with shrinkwrap and the date is written on the bottle.

We keep 3 vanilla beans in EACH bottle so you can add your own bourbon to keep the extract going, kind of like a sourdough mother.  By doing this, you will sometimes see some little black specs. These are the seeds from the vanilla beans. We call this the (caviar) in the purest form. They add a super nice visual appeal to things like ice cream and other baked goods.

All bottles are sealed for your protection!! Dates are written on labels when bottled, then placed in a box then in a dark spot to cure for 1 year! This causes the flavors to meld and enhance.

Our vanilla has TWO ingredients: Grade "A" Tahitian Vanilla beans and Jim Beam Bourbon.

Pure and simple.  The aroma is breathtaking!

Quality Ingredients for a Quality Product!TM


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