AB Ointment  October 30, 2015 (Etsy)

This is is a fabulous product. I use it in conjunction with the detox acne soap  


100% Organic Coconut Soap & Acne Detox Soap 10/5/15 (Etsy)

Lovely soap. Super fast ship and thank you for the extra samples. Highly recommend!  The soap was just about to make it into the line-up when my husband swiped it for himself. Light clean flagrance and lots of nice bubbles. Great product.


Personal Email (10/3/15)

I met you at the Occoquan fair. You gave me a sample of your AB ointment and I have been using it on my face for hair bumps and minor acne and I have seen a noticeable difference in clarity on my face.
Thank you.


Funky Feet  9/2/15 (Etsy)

Great product! Noticed improvement with dry skin immediately. Love this product! My Funky Feet are Happy Feet!


100% Organic Coconut Soap  6/1/15 (Etsy)

Of the three bars I ordered this one is defiantly a keeper. I use it in the kitchen for washing my hands. All of the JnJ soaps that I have tired produce the richest, creamiest lather. My hands are soft and smooth and even younger looking. I love the light fragrance. I will be ordering more

A note about the sellers. My husband met them at a Sportsman show and he purchased a bar of soap from them. They also sent along a sample. I really liked the sample but wasn't sure which one it was. I email the owner and received a reply within a few hours. She explained which one to order and I placed my order that same evening. My order arrived within three day with another sample added and a very nice note. I very much appreciated the personal care I received from them.

Having overly dry and being sensitive to fragrances this soap is a life saver. I love this soap! the scent is very light and doesn't overpower you. I have been using it daily for a week and I can honestly say my dry flaky skin is getting softer and smoother each time I use it. I even used it to shave my legs and is worked better than shave cream. You have to give it a try!!!!


Personal Email (12/16/15)

Got samples of emu oil at Garfield High Show. I'm interested in getting full size product. Can't see where I can order on website or etsy link. Feel free to send me a link to purchase if available on line. If not, please call and will do over phone.  If you don't sell the product, could you recommend where to purchase. Numerous sites offer it, but want quality like you have. Thanks.  Betty Watson


Personal Email (12/21/15)

I met you at the craft show in Woodbridge and I would like to purchase EMU oil. I loved the sample you gave me.



Pine Tar Soap (12/29/15 Etsy)

It's just what we hoped it would be. Got it right on time too!


Personal Email (1/11/16)

Good Morning!  I met you awhile ago and got some amazing soaps from you.  My son has run out of the acne soap.  It worked wonders for him.  How can I go about finding you and getting more soaps from you?

Thank you,

Annie Emeri


Personal Email (1/16/16)

I just love the basic soaps made with olive oil, especially the one made with goat milk. I like the lavender one, too, along others. J&J soap lathers up nicely and doesn't melt away, like some commercial soaps tend to do. I also like the way the essential oils keep my skin from drying out, even in the winter time. I found the samples helpful because I could try out  different soaps before I placed my order for the ones I liked the best.

Evelyn R Dillon


Manly Molasses Stout Bar (2/8/16 Etsy)

I love how this soap makes my hair looks, and smells! Thank you also for the samples.


Emily sent you a conversation on February 22, 2016.

Coffee Chocolate Soap

I loved the soaps, unfortunately Etsy closed the ability to leave a review before I had tried them and so I was unable to leave one. But I have been so impressed!


Lani Prunés of Washington, DC writes from Etsy: (April 19, 2016)

You gave me a sample of this (Acne Detox) around Christmas at a holiday bazaar, and I'm finally buying some! Never forgot your generosity and wisdom on natural substances and skin care. I'm so excited!


Etsy Purchase Reviewed by stacilp on April 20, 2016

Herbal Healing Salve Ointment

I use this as face moisturizer. It's a little thicker and doesn’t spread as easy as the AB, it is definitely a balm and is great skin protection especially in the cold weather.

Acne Detox Soap

As always, I love this product. The seller is the best! Always the very best. I do not use anything else on my face. I swear by this now. Not only has my acne cleaned up, but any other blemishes, scars, hair bumps. The seller is phenomenal!

AB Ointment

I use this jointly with the acne soap as a moisturizer and it has worked wonders on my face.