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Arnica Infused Oil

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We now offer Arnica Oil which is Arnica infused with EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) with NOTHING added.

Derived from the arnica flower of the sunflower family, arnica oil helps to reduce inflammatory pain when applied topically. Typically it's used for the pain and swelling associated with bruises, sprains, pulls, muscle aches, and even arthritis, since it helps to boost circulation and speed up the healing process.

 A 2016 review looked at the effects of homeopathic arnica on pain and inflammation after surgery and found that it was both a safe and effective way to reduce bruising, swelling, and pain

Arnica is known for its wrinkle fighting qualities, along with:

Arnica for skin care can effectively heal bruises, sunburns, eczema, minor burns sprains, sore muscles & more! Some research has confirmed that arnica can lower pain caused by inflammation and decrease the healing time for inflamed bruising because it reputedly increases circulation by stimulating white blood cell activity, thereby decreasing the amount of healing time and reducing inflammation. Do NOT use on broken skin.

Topically rubbing Arnica extracts reduces the appearance of pregnancy-related stretch marks. All you need to do is gently apply Arnica oil on your stomach at least four times a day.

The anti-inflammatory properties of Arnica make it as effective as ibuprofen in lessening pain and improving hand function. Being an anti-inflammatory agent, it can be used to massage inflamed or painful joints for relief and widely used in Europe in sports medicine. Helps heal sprains, bruises & sore muscles.

Generally, arnica oil is applied 2-4 times per day to the affected area to reduce bruising after an injury, or to treat muscle soreness after injury or exercise. As with any new herbal remedy, be sure to spot check on a small patch of skin to check for allergies.

Arnica Health Warnings

High blood pressure: Arnica might increase blood pressure. Don't take arnica if you have high blood pressure.

Surgery: Arnica might cause extra bleeding during and after surgery. Stop using it at least 2 weeks before a scheduled surgery.

As with any product, if you have a reaction; discontinue to use.

Our mission is to use Quality Ingredients for a Quality Product™!


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