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Pressure Canner Rental

Pressure Canner Rental

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For our local customers we offer pressure canner rental. It's $35 per hour.

You have your produce, meat, seafood, or stock ready and we bring the canner.

Timer is started while we prepare the jars (unless you've done that already) while the canner is heating up. It will be a minimum 3 hours with 30 minutes each way to heat up and pressure down then the actual canning time for pints is on average 70 minutes.

Our canner is the All American A-21. It holds 17 pints or 7 quarts.

When we empty the canner we will stop the timer and settle tab.

This is perfect for those who want their own specialities. 

You can pressure can almost any low acid foods.  We have canned stock, nuts, chipotle in adobo sauce, fish for homemade cat food.  The list is almost limitless.

We can find almost any recipe so be creative!  You make a pho? That is basically a stock it can be CANNED!

Call or email for more information! (540) 845-3949 or Info@JnJFarmVA.com


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