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We offer Organic Unfiltered Beeswax for all your craft, hobby and household needs from our own hives!

We only offer them in yellow because that is the natural color of wax. We do not believe in bleaching wax.

Each 1oz bar is Organic unfiltered beeswax are 3 x 3/4 x 1 inch. I've found ads for plain beeswax and how overpriced they are.

All shapes are 1oz each

Each 1oz Beehive is perfect for keep thread smooth and strong. Gently run thread over these 100% beeswax hives to prevent tangles and breakage. The conditioning makes the thread stiffer, more water and mildew resistant, and less stretchy. Having trouble threading your needle? Waxing is the answer. Each measures 1-1/2" x 1-3/4".

We now offer our wax in 1oz bars in 8 or 16 count. Why? Not everyone has the ability to melt a whole pound block! Yes, now you get 8 ounces in 8 bars for YOUR needs!

I found the ad in a catalog for one of the big bead companies. As you can see it's the SAME size but at a much better price. Ours is also organic and Veteran owned.

Coat beading thread with beeswax for smooth working action when knotting and especially when doing seed bead work. Lightly coating thread before stringing gives protection against thread fraying and water damage.

Apply a thin coat of beeswax (rub stick like a crayon onto the area) to the wooden rails and drawers will be opening and closing like new! The same technique will also work on sliding glass doors that no longer glide smoothly.

Perfect for your crafts and DIY beauty products.


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  • Are these bees wax cubes food grade? Can I use them in lip balm?

    Yes. By nature all beeswax is edible. Chinese made products I can't verify.
    You can see our instagram account for where our beeswax comes from @JnJFarmVA