Menthol Crystals - Food Grade, Kosher & USP

Menthol Crystals - Food Grade, Kosher & USP

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Our Menthol Crystals are Food Grade, Kosher and USP! 

Menthol Crystals can be use in soaps, lotions, balms and more!

This is the same crystals we use in our Bengal Balm!

How Menthol Crystals are formed

Natural Menthol Crystals are produced through a labor intensive process dating back hundreds of years. This tradition employs mint farmers, distillers and manufacturers from Northern India and other mint growing regions.  Mentha Oil is made from mint plants specifically Corn mint (Mentha arvensis) and Peppermint (Mentha piperita). The leaves and whole plants of mint crops are steam distilled to form the oil. Mentha Oil distilled from Corn mint, contains higher concentrations of the active component, L- Menthol.

The Mentha Oil is carefully filtered to remove water and naturally occurring impurities. It is then cooled incrementally over a period of time. After cooling, the crystalline portion is isolated from the remaining dementholised oil (DMO). The crystals are spread out in a room designed to slowly dry them with a stream of temperature controlled air. 

Best Manufacturing Practices

Top manufacturers take great care in filtering and cooling Mentha oil. They systematically isolate and dry the crystals into a finished product. We only buy from those who use certified Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for each of these steps.Their expertise consistently produces large and medium sized translucent crystals that have a colorless appearance. This type of Menthol is USP grade, valued for its high L-Menthol content and absence of impurities. Any claims in purity have been verified by gas chromatography and other analytical methods.

Menthol is the backbone of Peppermint flavored products as well as Menthol products. Menthol crystals give products such as toothpaste and mouthwash a characteristic mint flavor profile. 

Menthol Fights Pain 

Research has shown that tissues of the oral mucosa, skin and muscles experience a numbing, analgesic effect when exposed to Menthol. Healing salves, Oral Sprays and Therapeutic recipes aimed at pain relief regularly contain L- Menthol.  

Menthol is not readily soluble in water, though it melts in warm water. Menthol Crystals completely dissolve in pure alcohol. Products containing this formula include hand lotions, body gels and facial creams use 0.5 - 2% and can be melted in oil  or alcohol; a few crystals are all you need. Other products containing menthol denatured alcohol are shampoos and perfumes. 


Store in a cool area, away from windows, as the crystals easily melt in warm conditions.

Add the crystals to a lightweight oil and heat on 5-second bursts until they're melted. Use at 0.5-2% of the total weight of cold process soap, melt and pour, foot soak, balm, scrub, lotion, lip products, and more. 

As with any new product always test for a potential allergic reaction.



Due to FDA regulations our oils are being sold for external use only. Use with caution if pregnant or breastfeeding as well as for babies or small children and pets, as it can be toxic in higher doses. May cause irritation to sensitive skin, however it is rare. Please do a patch test on the back of your wrist before applying in large amounts. If there is a reaction, do not use.

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  • Is this safe to use in small amounts regularly in drinking water and will the crystals dissolve/stay dissolved in cold or iced water?

    Menthol Crystals are crystalized oil so they are insoluable in water, but you can gently heat in the microwave in a carrier oil (i.e.; EVOO, safflower, sweet almond, apricot kernel, black seed, etc).

    Ingesting full strenth as it is quite toxic. The amount of menthol in cough drops is around 1% or less. In some mouth washes it may be as high as 3%. It can be added to icing for cakes and the like.

    Menthol has antiseptic qualities which is why it is in mouthwashes and some dandruff shampoos. It is also used in homemade salves and rubs; Mentholatum uses upwards of 3% which is rubbed on the chest or under the nose for congestion.

  • Can we use it in mint juice

    Yes, but it is very strong.

  • Can dissolve 3or4 crystals in small tea with boiling water and drink Sinus problem and digestion problems please before buying this product immensely Thanky waiting for your reply

    Yes, but I would dissolve into the water first then use to make tea.  It is an oil so it takes a bit longer to dissolve.  Boil water, add crystals, mix, may need to reheat (microwave) a couple times until dissolved then add tea and steep.  That's what I do for grandsons bath, I then pour the menthol water into his bath and let him play for a bit to help clear his lungs.

  • Can these be used to flavor tobacco?

    That is a legal question we cannot answer.  It is a violation of law.