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Funky Foot

Funky Foot

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Our feet carry us through our life. We rarely think of them unless they are bothering us. Why not take care of them before they are hurting you.

  Virtually anything can cause foot pain, including shoes that don’t fit. There are many reasons for foot problems, ranging from dehydration and mineral deficiencies to diabetes, arthritis and poor circulation.

  Poor Circulation and Diabetics can suffer from damage to their nerve endings, which can affect their extremities. They may endure numbness, tingling, or burning sensations in their legs, hands, and feet. As a result, diabetic’s feet can sweat less frequently or not at all, leading to dryness.

Treatment for dry diabetic feet should be aimed at restoring moisture to the feet and preventing bacterial and fungal infections from occurring. It is important to avoid products that contain petroleum, mineral oil, or various forms of waxes that clog the pores and prevent the skin from breathing.

Athlete's foot can cause itching, burning and scaling; the infection can spread to the soles of the foot.  Always remember, fungi thrive in warm moist areas.

Causes for cracks or fissures: Human foot is the powerful part of the body helping one to withstand all severe climatic conditions and roam around, yet it is this part of the body that is often neglected. Cracks on foot have no age limit and it can affect anyone for that matter irrelevant of the sex, color and origin. The major causes for cracks or heel fissures are:

  Cracks are occupational especially for farmers and other people who are involved in laborious tasks that demand standing always, which lead to huge pressure on the foot forcing it to develop cracks.   

  • Prolonged standing on hard floor and this is the reason why most of the homemakers develop cracks. 
  • Dry, dull and lifeless skin that lacks moisture, especially during winter has the tendency to develop cracks.
  • Uncomfortable, not so fitting or open back footwear compels pressure on the foot, while widening and deepening the cracks.
  • Obesity or excess accumulation of fat and deficiency of essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals.
  • Dry, hot, humid and tropical climatic conditions make your feet dull, dry and hard paving way to develop cracks.
  • Aging and skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, athlete’s foot etc.
  • Excess sweating of feet, dry feet or other causal illnesses like thyroid and diabetes can also cause cracks on the foot.


  Its moisturizing properties are highly valued in a number of skin care treatments because it penetrates deeper into dry skin, and doesn’t just moisturize, but also creates a barrier in the underlying layers of skin to prevent moisture from escaping. It keeps skin supple longer; this means that use of a lanolin-based cream doesn’t need to be applied as frequently as commercial product.

Healing Properties

While lanolin cream is used widely in beauty regimens, it is also well known for use on skin that is cracked or extremely dry. People who suffer from calloused heels and hands can benefit from this cream, as it helps the skin to retain its natural moisture in addition to the moisture contained within the cream.

Lanolin cream is also popular with people who have reoccurring skin conditions that cause scaling and itching skin, as the moisturizing properties of this cream ease the itching, while making the skin softer. Skin that is dry, cracked, and bleeding from extreme weather conditions can also benefit from lanolin cream, as the moisture barrier it creates keeps the skin from repeatedly cracking and helps to seal in moisture.

Lanolin Cream as Part of a Skin Care Regimen

Anyone who is fighting overly dry and thickening skin may want to consider adding a lanolin cream to their skin care regimen. Those who wear sandals or high heels often find that the skin on their heels starts to thicken, crack, and peel from friction and exposure.  When this happens, one finds commercial product has no effect; because they do not penetrate the layers of skin deeply to reach the effected areas. The skin starts to thicken and becomes scaly and even discolored.

However, a lanolin cream can penetrate the layers of dead skin to soften them so that they can be removed with exfoliating tools, leaving the skin on the heel smoother and moisturized. It is usually most effective to apply a lanolin cream before you go to bed so that it sinks into the skin overnight and penetrates the dead layers for easy removal the following morning.

Possible Side Effects of a Lanolin Cream

While a lanolin cream has a number of beneficial properties when it comes to healing and moisturizing dry, cracked skin, people who are considering its use should be aware that lanolin oil has been known to cause allergic reactions in those individuals with sensitive skin. Because lanolin oil is derived from sheep’s wool, people who have allergies to wool should not use any cream that contains lanolin. Before anyone uses a lanolin cream, they should test a small patch of skin first to see if they suffer any adverse reactions, especially if they have never used it before.

If skin is cracked and painful, a Calendula cream helps. We use Calendula Infused EVOO.

The essential oils used moisturizes the dry scaly skin and helps combat fungal infections as these oils have anti-fungal, analgesic, anesthetic and astringent properties.


As with any new product always test for a potential allergic reaction.

As with any product we sell, we can only offer how it has worked for us and our amazing customers.  It is not intended to diagnose or treat any conditions. All oils should be cleared with your primary care physician if you have any doubts or issues.  This product is packaged for cosmetic use and is for external use only.  It is not sold or intended for internal consumption.


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