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Bengal Balm

Bengal Balm

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We LOVE Tiger Balm but were horrified to find out the main ingredient is PETROLEUM!?! Bengal Balm provides safe and effective topical pain relief  for sore muscles, arthritis, neck and shoulder stiffness, and just about any other minor muscle or joint aches or pains you experience every day.

I loved the commercial muscle rub until I found out the MAIN ingredient is petroleum!  I was rubbing that my skin daily!  Disgusted, I researched what was in them and came up with Bengal Balm.

My job required I stand on my feet for 12 hours a day for 3 days a week.  My calf muscle sometimes hurts so bad I can't sleep, that's why I used the muscle rub.  I came up with my own formula based on theirs; but all natural ingredients. 

There is menthol and PURE capsaicin oil; so be sure to WEAR gloves and wash your hand before touching any other part of your body!  I use a glove from my hair dye kit and massage into calf (or wherever it hurts).  Afterwards, I wipe the area with a paper towel to make sure there is no transfer.  Our tingling salve mix was designed to help relieve deep tissue soreness, and increase circulation for healthy muscle recovery and mobility. After a couple of days rubbing it in, no more pain.

This salve was specially formulated to help penetrate the skin, and soothe and heal damaged muscles while reducing inflammation. Rub this salve onto sore muscles and joints as often as needed. Use after workouts, games, work, yard work, anytime your muscles are tired and sore.  Good for arthritis and sore muscles.

We only offer PET Jar online due to the fact it will melt during shipping because we only use natural ingredients.  In our store we offer both a TIN and the PET.

As with any new product always test for a potential allergic reaction.


As with any product we sell, we can only offer how it has worked for us and our amazing customers.  It is not intended to diagnose or treat any conditions. All oils should be cleared with your primary care physician if you have any doubts or issues.  This product is packaged for cosmetic use and is for external use only.  It is not sold or intended for internal consumption.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease


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