1oz Essential Oils Organic Theraputic Grade

1oz Essential Oils Organic Theraputic Grade

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Are you tired of paying high prices for essential oils? You asked and we heard! We are proud to offer you the organic essential oils we use in our soaps!

Yes, Pure, Unadulterated, Steam-Distilled, Hexane-Free Essential Oil is available at a truly remarkable price! YOU save on your favorite scents. You don't have to go broke trying to use essential oils! We order directly from the Organic Farms to save YOU money!

Make your own roll-on's with or Organic Carrier Oil, Essential Oil and glass roller OR Chakra/Gemstone roller!  You can even make some for gift giving we offer stainless rollers in 3 & 5 piece sizes!

These are the ORGANIC essential and oils we use in our products available to you! It is ONE FLUID OUNCE of the finest organic oils.

Some ways that you can utilize the powers of essential oils are:

  • Use the oils in an aroma diffuser to fill your space with the essence of the plant
  • Blend with a carrier oil to use on your skin or as an anointing oil
  • Inhale oils to increase your concentration (put a few drops in steaming water)
  • Put some drops in the bath for a deep spiritual and physical cleansing effect
  • Dress your candles in the oil before burning them

Because they are in glass vials I ship priority only for your protection.

I have been frequently asked about obtaining Bay Rum, while it is a FRAGRANCE OIL, I have added it due to the overwhelming requests. You can add to diffuser, put a few drops in a pot of boiling water to scent and add moisture to your room.

I have found an inexpensive way to make a "diffuser" for my car! When I go to the home improvement store, in the garden section there are always pieces of broken terracotta. I ask for a piece, take home, wash, dip in weak bleach solution then dry in the sun for about a week. I then put half a dropper of oil slowly to allow to soak into piece.

In my car I have what looks like a little change section ON dashboard. I then place the terra cotta on a jelly jar lid and allow the sun's heat to release the volatile oils and my whole car smells wonderful. I use the stress reducing French Lavender as I drive in Washington DC traffic.

Our mission is to use Quality Ingredients for a Quality Product™!

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