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Being from Southern Louisiana I am avid fisherman and hunter.  I know how hard it is to find a good product that you can take with you into the field that doesn't effect the environment.  I came up with this soap for use in the outdoors.  I use Neem and pumice.

As with any new product always test for a potential allergic reaction.

Neem Oil is for anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties; it is also an insect repellent.   The compound salannin that is found in neem has actually been found to be safer and more effective than DEET.  I love it because the neem also cleans any nicks and cuts you get while in the field.

I love using this soap after working in my garden.  It washes off the mud and keeps bugs away.  I also use rabbit poop in my garden.  It removed THAT smell from my hands too!

  Pumice is added for cleaning blood and body fluids off your hands when cleaning your kill and working in the garden.  It is enough to clean your hands without tearing them up.  I know someone who actually used Mechanics Soap!  It tore his hands up!

Did you know that anise oil is great for fishing? Anise oil actually attracts fish! Several major manufacturers and distributors of fishing equipment actually use anise oil in their lures to improve their fish catching ability. 

Here is a natural, handmade Fisherman Soap made with Anise Oil!. Reach over the side of the boat, wash your hands with this soap, and it will help you catch more fish! It just might give you the edge you need when the fish are being finicky.

My daddy used to fish all over Southern Louisiana and he used Anise oil on his hands. He’d pour a bit in his palm, rub them together then rinse in the water. The scent of the anise oil stays in the water and you'll get more hits!

Scents such as anise oil, banana oil, and garlic are extracts from plants.  These plant bi-products do not seem to have the same fish attracting ability as amino acids, but can cause fish to be interested as they provide an aroma some fish are not accustomed to smelling in their normal lives.  Plant extracts are very effective in covering human odors along with others that might be present on your offering.  A few plant scents are Cossack Bait Products Anise and Garlic Gel;  Mister Twister Banana Oil;  Atlas Mike’s Glow Scent Jel and Anise Oil; and Fish Formula Sparkle Scales

Which Scent Works Best for the Targeted Species?
























 Here is a site where fisherman are talking about using anise oil!  Anise oil also gives the soap anti-bacterial properties.

This soap makes a fantastic gift for fisherman!


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