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Notecards by Joseph

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Add some flair and expression to your personal notes and correspondences!

Our selection of note cards make keeping in touch easy!

Each glossy card is 5.5" x 4" with an envelope in a variety of colors!

Set of 3 cards for $7.99

Set of 5 cards for $12.99

Email us with your choices or we will chose a variety!

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  • I want to order one tabby face cat card -- not sure animals name, so can not tell which one is correct to order.

    I believe it's Dexter.  Gimli is a Maine Coon and Spooky is comletely grey and upside down.

  • I would like to order 5 of each of the winter cardinal, 5 of the asters, and 5 of the blustery cardinals but on the order form it comes up with 3 sets of 5 with out specifying which cards. Please let me know how to order three different sets of 5 cards.also if the clear envelopes that they have come in at the craft fairs are not necessary to preserve the photos I will not need those with my order.

    Just order the 3 sets of 5 and email which specific cards you want. Just use order # in header to It doesn't have to come with clear envelopes, they just protect the cards at shows. You can also specify what color envelopes you want for your order; ie, shades of green, red, purple, white, grey, etc.