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Hydrosols & Floral Waters

What is a Hydrosol?

A hydrosol, also known as a plant water, hydrolat, essential water, and herbal distillate is the liquid byproduct of steam distilling an essential oil. Hydrosols have many of the same therapeutic benefits as essential oils, but are much gentler and have a softer aroma than essential oils.

In other words, it is the water that is distilled with essential oils. When the steam from the distilled water passes through the plant material, it takes with it the volatile oils from the plant. The two travel through the tube at the top of the steam vessel (typically copper) and down through the condensing tube. Once the water and oil have separated, the essential oil is siphoned off the top and what you have left is the hydrosol.

Hydrosols are moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, mildly antiseptic, and are a wonderfully fragrant addition to skin care. Due to their benevolent nature, hydrosols offer a myriad of treatment possibilities when essential oils might be too strong.

Our Hydrosol's are currently available in Rose & Lavender 2oz Spray, 2oz Refill, 4oz Refill & 8oz Refill.

Can be used as the liquid in any of our Clay Masks!

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