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Gemstone Wands & NEW CBD Products

We are proud to offer several new products for your health and well-being.

Gemstone Wands are used to massage the reflex points, drawing off negative energy when pointed away from the body and channeling energy to the body when pointed inwards, This restores the flow of energy through the entire body, promoting general good health and well-being.

BLOG on Cleansing

NEW CBD Products

2500mg Full Spectrum Tincture and Big Daddy Purp (berry flavor) Vape Pens.  Remember Vape Pens are to be used as needed they are not for "smoking" or tobacco replacement.  The CDC has ruled Vitamin E Acetate is what is causing vape related lung issues, these Vape Pens DO NOT contain

Email us for ordering as we are not allowed to sell on the website 

Info@JnJFarmKY.com  we can invoice you through PayPal or QuickBooks ALL orders over $49 are FREE SHIPPING!!

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